business ideas for car lovers

The automotive industry provides great business opportunities either directly or indirectly. From repairs, maintenance, painting to a car wash, betting on this segment can be a great idea.

If you are a car lover and want to start a business, in this article we will give you 10 excellent ideas to start a small business related to these four-wheelers.

Maintenance services

If you are a retired mechanic or just have a natural taste for mechanics, you can set up a service shop. We are not talking about setting up a mechanical workshop, but rather a workshop where you provide services such as oil change, brake adjustment, tire repair, among others.

It is a business where you will always have clients and more if you are in the city. Not everyone knows how to change the oil, and even fewer have the necessary tools.

One of the great advantages of starting an auto service business is that the investment is not as great as it would be in a garage. In addition, over time you can save to be able to offer services such as alignment and balancing or more complex repairs.

Car Wash

A car wash is also an excellent business opportunity. Firstly, the investment is not very large, there will always be clients and the profits come almost entirely from the labor force.

If you have a good location, the flow of customers will never stop, and if you buy cleaning products in bulk, the profits will be greater.

A variant of this business is dry cleaning, a service that is becoming increasingly fashionable. The investment in vacuum cleaners and others will be higher but you can charge for this type of service.

Tire sales Tire

trading is a fairly profitable business with a large market. The detail is that it requires a fairly large investment because the product is expensive. The advantage is that there will always be drivers interested in buying a new pair of tires.

It also requires a little investment of time to learn the business. This is because there are many varieties of tires for each car without mentioning the care you must give to the rims.

You can start the business from home, always keeping the tires well cared for and presentable. You can lean on social networks to offer your products and create a whole community of customers and people interested in the sector.

Auto parts sale Auto parts

sale is an excellent idea to start a business because you get a good income. However, not everything is honey flakes, you must make a good investment at the beginning of the business to buy the pieces in bulk and make a profit.

You can complement the sale of auto parts with the installation. Of course, before venturing further you must be very clear about the installation of the parts you sell.

Auto parts marketing is a very good business, especially if you focus on the luxury car segment, although the initial investment will clearly have to be higher.

Crane Service

A service that is in full swing is that of tow trucks and trailers. The reason is simply that we will never be safe from damage and there will always be a need for a crane.

The investment is crystal clear, a trailer truck with enough horsepower and torque to get the job done.

You have the option of making an alliance with a mechanic shop or a local insurer, to provide the service. In this way, you can guarantee the flow of customers.

Driving school

To learn to drive it will always be useful to go to a driving school. While it is true that most learn to drive empirically, there is still a large market looking for driving schools.

If you are an experienced driver you can offer your services to teach people how to drive. The investment is minimal if you already have a car and you can start small and grow your business.

There is also the option of joining a driving school. Although you would not be starting your own business, it is still an option to earn extra income.

Painting, polishing, and waxing

The car paint is worn by the sun, pollution or simply by the passage of time. Starting a painting, polishing, and waxing business is a great bet because there will always be drivers willing to invest in your car to see it as if it were new.

As in a car wash, investment is low and profits come largely from labor. Perhaps the biggest investment is in training on how to manage waxes and different finishes.

Windshield Repair

Windshields must be in perfect condition otherwise there is a risk of being fined. Do you see the area of ‚Äč‚Äčopportunity? That’s right, dedicating yourself to the repair of windshields and windows is another excellent option to start a business.

The most difficult part may be creating a client portfolio, however, you can support yourself from social networks and start with friends and family.

A plus that your business can have is offering a home service since many people do not have the time to go to a workshop to have their car repaired.


A parking lot can be the ideal business as it requires very little investment and makes large profits. The investment can vary greatly depending on whether you already have space and how much infrastructure you plan to integrate.

Parking will work best in urban locations where there is little space on the street to park. Although in these types of places, you must invest in paving, signs, security measures, parking insurance, personnel, and maintenance.

One option is to lease the parking lot to establish a parking lot. This way you have the advantage of placing your business in the place you decide, in addition to the tax deduction.


Vinyl and car lettering, especially public transport, is a fairly profitable business. All bus routes, combis, and taxis must have a specific label and that is where you would enter.

The biggest investment is in the training to know how to place the vinyl. In addition, in certain states of the country, it is usually charged to have the right to place the label.

As in almost all the companies that start you can start by advertising on social networks and by recommendations from friends, family, acquaintances, and customers. Do you want to rent a car? , In Limo lux, you can get the best lease option and have the advice of specialists to get the greatest airport car service Parker and get benefits with great service.

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