Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance”. So are you all set to dance down on the rich flavored melodies of the top 10 desserts from all around the world? Well, here is the list of 10 most popular desserts all around the globe:

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  1. Apple Pie:

An apple a day keeps a doctor away. But when it comes to apple pie, you have to keep it away from other people to binge eat it. Apple pie is one of the top desserts in America. The flaky crust constitutes the pieces apple which is served with cream, vanilla ice cream and sometimes with cheddar cheese.


  1. Dragon Beard Candy

This traditional Chinese dessert is what we called a treat for people with sweet tooth. This is primarily made of sugar and maltose syrup along with coconut, sesame seeds, and the peanuts. Its appearance resembles a lot with white cocoon.

  1. Syrniki

This is quite a popular dessert in Russian streets and you can find every second person hogging over it. Made of quark, these pancakes are served with jam or honey or apple syrup, or with the sour cream. If you’re a pancake lover, this is surely a totally edible bliss.

  1. Pastelitos

The interesting name and the rich flavors, Pastelitos are the sweet delights. These puff pastries are flaky and constitute the fillings of sweet potato or sweet quince. They are then deep fried and are dressed well with sprinkles.

  1. Grilled Fruit:

Fruits are healthier and they become more sumptuous when grilled. Yes if you‘re looking for some healthy option that is heart melting too, grilled fruit is a great choice as the dessert. Reducing the natural water content of the water, grilling is done to caramelize the natural sweeteners of fruit.

  1. Belgian waffles

Do we seriously need to describe this? These buttery delights are best eaten when served hot. Topped with either the chocolaty nectar, Nutella or powdered sugar, Belgian waffles is surely amongst the most favorite desserts all around the world.

  1. Gelato:

You can find this appetizing dessert in every street of Italy. Describing Gelato, it probably is the softer version of the traditional ice- cream and comes in the whole deck of flavors. From raspberry to rum, from chocolate, the evergreen to pistachio, the nutty flair, Gelato comes in several different flavors that will surely melt your heart.

  1. Gulab Jamun

These are quite popular amongst the classic desserts of lands of India. Popular amongst all age groups, you can literally find people hogging over them in any ceremonial function or event. These can be best described as the little donut balls of happiness dipped in sugary syrup and served with the archaic flavors.

  1. Banoffee Pie

As interesting as its name, this delectable dessert is actually a tapestry of some of the most amazing flavored edible elements. Cream, bananas, chocolate, and candies are blended well to form this gourmet dessert. You can also add the flair of coffee to Banoffee.

  1. Lamingtons

These little Australian delights are to die for. Consist of the yellow fruit cake coated with the layer of chocolate; Lamingtons is served with the toppings of coconut flakes. Rich in taste, these classic desserts will surely delight every taste bud.

Why be a vegetarian or non-vegetarian when you can be a dessertarian?

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