During the Covid-19 pandemic, it became very difficult to do dieting and lose weight. People have stocked up not only daily essential food items but also comfort foods like snacks during the lockdown. Due to the massive corona virus threat, people can’t even afford to go for a walk. It led to even more increase in weight for people. It is also required to include a lot of proteins, vitamin C, vitamin D, and fiber in the diet to increase immunity. People have also to keep this thing in mind in their diet. A survey has shown that almost 80% of Americans have gained weight as much as 20 pounds between March and July. The closedown of gyms and recreation centers added to the miseries. It was very annoying and stressful for people to work and stay at home. They suffered from anxiety and boredom. Doing exercise became even more important as people are no longer commuting to go to the office. While some people have gained weight, some others saw this as an opportunity to lose weight and get in shape by exercising.

Here are the ways by which you can lose weight during a pandemic: 

Fasting: There is not a single pandemic diet that helps in losing weight. But one thing that will help is intermittent fasting in which you eat for only a set number of hours each day. By not eating in the early morning and late at night you will find yourself eating less.

Adopt homemade foods: Lockdown and pandemic are not the time to become a great chef. But avoiding outside foods and cooking at home helps in weight loss. You can stock your kitchen with food items that can be easily changed into nutritious meals.

Follow a schedule: To work from home does not mean that you will eat the whole day. You have to strictly follow an eating schedule like when to take a coffee break and when to eat lunch.

Become vegetarian: People havebecome vegetarian during pandemic which not only made their immunity strong but also helped in shedding weight.

Avoid consuming alcohol: By drinking alcohol you not only increase your calories but also it leads to uncontrolled food intake. So alcohol should be strictly avoided during this period.

Walk-friendly clothes: You have to wear clothes that will make you walk. Choose clothes that will lead to physical activity.

Exercise more: As you are not required to travel for going to the office, you can use this extra time for exercising.

Get Online help: You can avail online help and support for dieting and losing weight. You can know about health-based meal programs according to your situation through online channels. There are apps and websites which guide in adopting a diet that helps in weight loss. You can have a one-on-one online meeting with a dietician. You can get support from health groups that have been created on sites like Facebook and Nextdoor during a pandemic. People share their ideas like what food to cook and when to go for a walk without seeing each other.

You have to set a target of one-half to one pound a week to measure your weight loss progress. But measuring the waist is a better option to check your progress. People who have a higher weight around the middle have higher chances of serious diseases and death. The covid-19 pandemic is the time to give attention to better indicators of health and measuring waist is just that.

Healthy Diet During A Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we not only have to check excessive weight gain but also have to see that we are eating a healthy diet. The food we eat is very important in strengthening our ability to fight infections. A healthy diet makes our immunity strong. Healthy nutritious food protects from diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Fruits and Vegetables

We have to eat rice, wheat, maize, vegetables like beans and lentils, fresh fruits, and protein-rich foods like meat and eggs.

Use less salt

We have to use less salt in food like 5 grams (teaspoon a day). While cooking use less salt and avoid the use of salty sauces.

Limit fats and oils

While cooking we have to use healthier fats like sunflower or corn oil and avoid butter and ghee.

Control sugar

We have to control the sugar level in the body by avoiding sweets and sugary drinks like fizzy drinks and fruit juices.

Drink more water

We have to drink a lot of water which is very important for maintaining hydration level in the body. Tap water is the best form of drink.

Say no to alcohol

We have to say no to alcohol because it is harmful and not part of a healthy diet. Many people have started consuming lot of alcohol during pandemic. It is a myth that it protects from the Covid-19 pandemic. It damages the liver and can cause cancer. So we have discussed diet and ways by which we can reduce weight during a pandemic. We have also mentioned about healthy diet which can protect us from Covid-19 infection. We have stated about foods which we can eat to make our immunity strong and foods which we have to avoid. So hope that this Covid-19 pandemic goes away completely but if another pandemic comes then during that we can follow all these measures.

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