truck transport to normalize

Like all other businesses, this COVID 19 pandemic has given a major jolt to the truck transport business. Let alone flourish, businesses are struggling to even sustain. It has actually put the entire economy out of gear. 

With ongoing lockdown, it is tough to say that when will this truck transport normalize. Truck transport is only followed for essential commodities so that the entire country does not have to face a shortage of various products. For other products such as luxury goods, raw material, etc there are several restrictions on intercity movement.  However, it is believed that slowly and steadily every business will come to track. Social distancing will be the new way of life and we will have to conduct our business by following certain parameters.

 In the coming days, it is expected that truck transport will pick up gradually as there will be a need to transport goods from one part of the country to the other. The truck drivers need to be extra cautious and take care of their health so that they do not become the carrier of the novel coronavirus.

Shortage of adequate manpower and supply chain glitches are what most of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are dealing with due to transport restrictions. Movement of trucks is a huge issue, but it is expected that it will be cautiously tackled so that the country revives and does not slip into an economic meltdown. Basically, it is state highways which need several permissions so that goods can be sent across borders without any hassle.

There is not sufficient coordination between the state-level authorities as regards truck transport of even the essential items.

Why is reduced truck movement a danger?

Reduced truck transport is a cause of concern as this would mean that people will not get what they want on time and this will disrupt the entire system. There will be anarchy all over and trucks companies that are not getting enough business will be forced to shut down.  This will lead to loss of jobs and a source of livelihood for several people. An exodus of labor is a huge problem. If people stop working even as the demand grows, things will be bad and the economy will not revive.

It is vital to simply the process of transport of goods. It should not be hard to get passes and allow the trucks to pass through the checkpoints.

Wrapping up

It is vital to change with the evolving times because if you do not change, things can take a twist for worse. Trucks transport is a very important part of our economy and their movement cannot be curtailed at any cost.  Trackers can be put on the Truck booking online in Ahmedabad so that the precise location is known. Checks can be done, but the movement should be permitted so that the entire system begins to operate in a proper way.

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