Misunderstood, Misinterpreted and Misused word – Feminism express the outlook on women liberation. Nowadays, any news channel or daily newspaper gives the stuff about rapes, women abuses, marital assault, women inequality etc. All this is summed up to the huge dilemma and considered as “Feminism”.

History speaks the truth of women given less opportunity and less significance than men. Past records convey that women used to manage all the chore works of the house and it was the men of the house who used to go for the work. Men played the dominant role in the house and sufferings came in the part of women. This gave rise to the feminist movement.


But, with the passing time, women started getting an education and now women can stand equally with men in every aspect.

What is Feminism?

It is women’s movement. Women’s liberation. Female emancipation. Right to women. Some misconception among people is that feminism means the supremacy of women over the men. Sadly it is far from the truth mound. Feminism is all about bestowing equality to women on grounds of gender.

Feminism: Often Get the Wrong Impression

People often remark that feminism conveys that women want to control the men or have a battle with the men. Further, some people even believe that women want the men to stand up with her. Actually, this is all beyond the reality. Women seek equality and really don’t need a man to protect her. She can fight her own battle.

There is again a wrong concept that there is mistreatment of laws. See, if one exploits the laws intended for the safety of women, then one is implicitly mocking at the culprits of rape, abuse, and dowry which is not in favor of feminism concept.

The modern feminist movement has taken place in the form of the suffrage movement, black feminism, feminist sex wars etc. It is considered that modern feminism has deformed and twisted from the original meaning of equality. And of course, all this leads to maltreat of the word feminism.

Why Feminism Misunderstood?

Feminism is most certainly scary for men. They either believe it as something ruling their rights or doesn’t know what actually feminism is. But being a feminist is absolutely correct guys. There’s nothing wrong. It is just a movement that seeks for women to get equal respect in all the terms with the men. It is not getting more than men or better than men. It is simply a fight for parity, the sameness and that’s all.

Feminism wishes that women can also walk in shoulders with men. Women can be treated equally to men whether it is politics, sociality, or any other industry. She is just like he and she can do all that he is able to do. Feminism hopes for the people from both the genders to held the head high and eradicates the lunges of men over women or women over men. There come equal chances for both the genders. Both men and women became the breadwinner with any impartiality.

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