You can get an iPhone 12 64 GB mobile at 67,999 as against the mentioned price of 79,900 and the 128 GB variety at 72,999 as against 84,990.

It is the end of July and the two biggest e-commerce giants in India- Flip Kart and Amazon have started their yearly sales. Both are providing huge discounts on various products like mobile phones, electronics, fashion, home d├ęcor, etc. From Sunday Flip Kart’s big saving days sale has begun and will end on July 29. You can get various offers and new products during the sale. You can get an extra 10 percent discount if you have ICICI credit and debit cards.

Apart from this Amazon will start its prime day sale from July 26 which will end on July 27. It is available to only selected customers, who have discounts on various products like mobile phones, laptops, electronics, and other items. People who have HDFC cards can get bank offers.

People who have an Apple iPhone 12 can get up to 12000 discount from the flip kart. You can get 64 GB memory iPhone 12 at 67,999 as against the listed price of 79,900. In addition to this 128 GB variety is being sold at 72,999 against the price of 84,900.

There is an A14 bionic chip with well-partitioned circuits in iPhone 12. It performs much better than iOS 14. It has a 6.1 – inch display that uses organic light-emitting diode technology and has a protective layer that keeps it safe from getting damaged.

There are 2 cameras at the back of I Phone 12 with two 12MP data detectors and one 12 MP camera at the front. All the cameras can cover images up to 4K display range with higher quality vision. It makes it easy to click extraordinary photos in dim light scenarios.

The Apple series of phones have a 5G capacity, Bluetooth v5.0, WiFi 6 (802.11 axes) with 2*2 MIMO and NFC.

Software features of Apple iPhone:


All the applications are available around the home screen. These applications can be executed one by one. By clicking two times on the home screen you can view recently opened applications.


It has audio conferencing, call holding, call merging, caller ID and can mix with other mobile network features and iPhone functionalities.


This feature is the same as that available on iPod. The media files can be arranged based on songs, artists, albums, genres, composers, etc.

Internet Access

It is available when the phone is linked with local area Wi-Fi or a wide area network.


It has a virtual keyboard on the screen. You can correct words and can get generate new words through its library features.


It has an email system through which HTML emails along with attached images can be sent.

Third-Party applications

 Third-party applications can be installed by the use of Ajax that has features of the iPhone interface.

 A 24-month program has been launched to make users get the latest phones every year. It will enable customers to pay for the phone they have over 24 month period. They have to pay a low amount in each installment with an opportunity to get a new phone after 12 months. This program also enables consumers to choose the network carrier they want and also provides cover against 2 incidents of accidental damage.

You will find the majority of the iPhones with a SIM lock feature. You cannot unlock a phone by entering a code like in other phones. The phone can be only unlocked by servers when the phone is activated. Only software which is approved by apple can be run on the phone. This restriction can be overcome by a modified version that bypasses the phone security system.

There are various phones of different companies like VIVO, Samsung, OPPO, etc. are available in the market. People choose to buy a phone about which they have a good experience. While purchasing a phone we have to see all the parameters like price, hardware, software, etc. We have to do our research before buying a phone. We do not have to get intimidated by the discounts available. Sometimes a cheap phone performs better than a costly one. We have to use our judgment while purchasing the phone. Nowadays smartphones are seen as a thing related to status-symbol. We do not have to buy the phone to show our wealth. We have to buy a phone which is good in all parameters.

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