Measure Your Tire Depth

One of the most important things that you can do for your car is to have good tires on them. Tires that are properly inflated will give you better gas mileage and increase your safety. Also, tires overall that have good tread wear are going to be the best and most ideal for safety, drivability, and ride comfort.

How To Analyze A Tire From The Naked Eye

I want to show you how to determine, whether or not your tires are good.

When it comes to tires, you have grooves that run in between the tread. These grooves help dispel water and they also help keep the tire on the road. Moreover, they are effective and make sure that the tire is quiet. Some are designed for high performance and some tyres are just kind of a general tire that’s good for just about every type of driving condition. Performance tyres are a little bit wider and they’re designed more for performance because you have more of the rubber on the road.

Now whenever your tyres have considerably low tread, the tire needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The lines that you see on your tyres are called wear bars and they are in between the tread and they give you an indication as to whenever the tire needs to be replaced. So, whenever the wear bar is significantly even with the tread it’s between, it needs to be replaced. It probably should be replaced actually before that.

In some worn-out tires, you can particularly observe, that there’s no more tread left at all on a band and you may have holes that are starting to form.

Special Tread Measuring Devices

So, you need to notice if your wear bar is 2/32 of an inch which is basically the depth of the tread. You can buy a little tread measuring card which will give you these guidelines:

  • The green line, 6/32’’ or more: This means don’t replace the tire
  • The yellow line, 4/32’’ – 5/32’’: This means you should consider replacement
  • The red line 3/32’’ or less: This means it is time to replace.
  • Below the red line 2/32’’: This is illegal in some states which means it will not pass certain inspections

So, with the tread measuring car, you will take the corner of it and you’ll insert it into the tread of the tire you want to measure. This can determine the depth. So, while analyzing the wear bars and the tread measuring card is helpful, you also have a tread measurement gauge with several indicating numbers which is similar to the ones in the tread measuring card. So, you can take the little measuring device and you can push in the wear bar, on the flat part of it, with stability. Right, when you have taken a reading of the tread it will give you similar numbers to that of a tread measuring card.

So, that’s very important to know when understanding the state of your tyres.

However, let’s observe how we’re going to measure the tread of a new tyre. What we will notice is that for brand new tires, you can see how deep the grooves and the wear bars are from the naked eye’s perspective. Which means it is a healthy tyre that can be taken on the road with no hesitation. Many of the common high performance car tyres bought are probably Falken ziex ze914 ecorun.

So, to measure a brand new tyre’s treat depth, you have to take the tire gauge and push it all the way down and you will probably observe that the depth will measure around 10/32’ as that’s the depth of a new tire

So, there you have it. We hope this helps you enjoy your ride and most importantly be safe in your journey. Make sure to never neglect the condition of your tyres before you take for a long drive.

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