Microsoft has conducted a poll on its LinkedIn account where it asked what are the trending skills for marketers in 2020 and about 600 senior marketers participated from around the world. To everyone’s surprise, SEO came on top following data analysis and then copywriting.

So as a marketer, you need to pace yourself up to learn the most trending hard skill this year. A lot of digital marketing agency are offering SEO services yet there are still a humungous number of people who are not familiar with the perks this holds for them.

All About The History of SEO

SEO can be said to be the millennial. This is because it came into existence in 1991 and this is around the time when the world’s first ever website was started and from there onwards, many websites started crowding the internet. This crowding up made the developers feel the need for accessibility and proper structure which is why the world’s first ever search engine was also developed.

Since then in 1993, Excite transformed the categorization of information and by the year 1994, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and other companies joined the bandwagon.

By 1996 SEO surged off as when Sergey Brin and Larry Page started building one of the biggest search engines to date, BackRub. We knew you would be seeking for Google in here but that was not the case back then.

With this came a con to this era. A lot of companies started using hacking practices and stuff the search engine with loads of unfiltered keywords and span links so they can rank higher in no time. This is finally where Google stepped in seeing the opportunity.

Google’s Revolution To SEO

All the past scenarios made Google think of doing something which no other search engines were doing. It started to work on algorithm updates which would lead to relevant and good quality content for the viewers to connect them with what they are actually looking for.

Since then Google has made several changes in its algorithm which has led to the SEO revolution and making marketers to evolve their marketing strategies as well.

What SEO Has To Hack Online Growth

As we took you through the history of SEO, the key takeaway from there is that the greatest way to prepare for the SEO future is by not cutting corners, instead, it is by the use of ethically proven optimization methods and then publishes those content which has real value for your web visitors.

As we step into 2020, digital marketing has greatly evolved and we all have discovered what works and what not but as this year is all about SEO as the most successful and top hard skill, let us view some trends and insights highlighted by Microsoft further in SEO itself currently:

Search Engines Won’t Lead You To Web Pages

It has been suggested by Microsoft that a new kind of search engine optimization would occur which would not be directing the users to the website pages. Instead of this, users can choose their own interactive actions and this would be replacing the conventional click throughs to a content for downloading or a web page.

Media Mix and Mutations

Microsoft also makes another prediction that digital media platforms will create newer offerings related to advertising. A new advertising solution can be evolved from display + native + search options.

Search Powered By Visuals

Another trend that has been identified is that the search experience would become more enhanced and would be powered by visuals rather than be too wordy.

Users might as well be able to just take a picture of something they are looking for instead of remembering and typing about what it is or looks like. how cool is that!

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