Are you a sweet tooth too, binging over all your favorite sweets and desserts? Or are you someone who is always in a hurry and look for packed meal alternatives for a hassle-free day? Well, people, you are deteriorating your body gradually and you don’t even have an idea about it. All of the sweet food and desserts along with these processed foods contain sugar which is slowly affecting your body so badly and gradually that you don’t even have an idea about it.

Know the side-effects of sugar and why you should quit it as early as possible:

Sugar is One Addictive Element:

Consumption of sugar is too dangerous to human body sugar releases the chemical “dopamine” which tends to give the false illusion of “feel good” in the human body. As we consume sugar, our body becomes more addictive to it and creates dopamine receptors. This, in turn, led the person to crave for sugar more which results in intense consumption of this “addictive” element.


A Major Reason Behind Weight Gain:

Obesity rates are ascending day by day all around the world. One of the major edible elements that add up to the reason behind this is sugar, especially the beverages that contain sweetened sugar. These beverages are sodas, juices or sweet tea and a lot more. Fructose is one type of simple sugar commonly found in these beverages which increases the hunger and desire to eat more and more in the human body.

Sugar Can Cause Harmful Disease Like Cancer:

Excessive consumption of sugar can prove to be a major cause of cancer too. Excessive sugar consumption leads to the production of insulin in an excessive amount in the human body. This hormone encourages the cells growth which is beneficial for healthy cells but not tumor cells. Excessive sugar consumption is linked to being one of the major causes of different types of cancer like pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and many more.

Sugar is Harmful to the Immune System:

Consumption of sugar leads to a reduction in the efficiency of white blood cells for some span of hours in the human body. This, in turn, affects the immune system badly. The lower efficiency of white blood cells hinders the ability of the body to fight against any disease.

Sugar Affects the Mental Health Too:

Ascended sugar levels in blood along with feel-good serotonin levels in the human brain are the result of sugar consumption. When the human body system is withheld from sugar, they feel a sudden “crash” or “nausea”. This creates the cycle of craving the sugar and then binging over it. This is like the “round cycle”, the more you eat, the more you crave and vice versa.

Sugar Deprives Your Body of Essential Nutrients:

Besides adding the “worthless” calories in the human body but it actually deprives body of essential nutrients by robbing them. Magnesium, potassium, sodium calcium are some essential nutrients required by sugar to be leached from the human body. The deprivation of these essential nutrients from human body results in teeth and bones weakening. In excessive case, it leads to diseases like osteoporosis too.

Sugar affects overall health. Gradually it becomes more of an addiction rather than a barely added flavor in food. So try to quit sugar; start with reducing its consumption and gradually quitting it completely.

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