Our children are very sensitive –physically as well as mentally. They cannot deal with mental stress alone, so they need the help of their parents. If their mental issues are not addressed on time then it can have long-lasting negative effects on them.Covid-19 pandemic has changed the daily routine of not only adults but also children. There schools are closed and they have to take online education from home. They are not able to talk with their parents as freely as before. They are not able to go outside for playing. Some unfortunate children have lost their one or both parents. All of this has very deep and adverse effects on them. They are weak emotionally and are not growing as they are supposed to grow.

Our surrounding environment plays a very important role in the growth and development of children. Children do not behave like adults in a tense situation. Children feel insecure in negative situations. Some children become hot-tempered and some become isolated and get into depression. What children see around them affects their mental state. Sometimes a negative situation has a deep impact on the minds of children. Fear, disease, and death of their relatives affect them deeply and they cannot express their feelings.

So our children need extra care during a pandemic or any other negative situation. We have to keep an eye on their behavior. Parents must have to take out proper time and talk with their children. They have to encourage them to speak their mind and what they feel. An environment should be built where they can talk freely. If they are not able to express their feelings then different mechanisms like they should be asked to do drawing and paintings for expressing themselves.

Parents cannot minimize the effects of a pandemic on children by questioning them. They have to deal with children patiently and kindly. We cannot know properly what is going on in the minds of children without talking with them properly. Delicate topics like infection, disease and death require direct communication.

Children up to five years require a positive surrounding where they can interact freely and comfortably. These starting five years are very important and lay the foundation for the growth of the child. Teachers have to make online education interesting and enjoyable. We have to create an environment that is fun-filled as well as safe from Covid-19 infection.

The older children are also feeling insecure in this pandemic situation. They are worried about their studies and career plans. The parents, teachers, and relatives have to talk with them and give them support by saying that we are not alone but people all over the world are facing difficulties due to pandemic. They have to tell them that this pandemic condition will soon get end and everything will be normal as before.

As most of the people are working from home, additional responsibility has come on them to take care of their children’s studies. Children of different age groups have different requirements. Children need proper time and attention. They have to be dealt with like a friend. A negative environment at home can make them stressed but a positive environment can solve their existing mental issues.

Parents first need to be in a good state of mind themselves if they want their children to be happy. People who cannot deal with this pandemic situation can seek guidance from some medical professionals or relatives. People get affected psychologically by pandemics when they see a lot of news related to it. So pandemic news should be avoided. Breathing exercises also help in relieving stress. We have to take proper meals and sleep and avoid the use of alcohol. It will boost the immunity of the body. We can write all of our worries on paper which will relieve our tension. We have to take information related to Covid-19 from authentic sources.

 We have to design a proper schedule not only for children but also for ourselves. We have to draw boundaries of work time and rest time. By pursuing our hobbies in our free time we can relieve stress. By playing with our children we can decrease not only our tension but also of children. We can take exercise classes on the internet for children as well as ourselves. It will greatly help in relieving tension. Doing 30 minutes of walk daily also can help in decreasing stress. You have to manage yourself by performing periodic checks. You have to protect yourself from getting into depression.

So care and well-being of our children depends on us. If we want our children to be happy and healthy then we have to first keep our self healthy.

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