Gone were the days, when women sit on the bed eating ice cream crying all about their broken hearts after a breakup. Yes we do that still, the only difference is our broken hearts have learned to heal, break –up which is associated with the rough patch of life, is actually a good chance to revolutionize anything and everything, but how about starting it with you?

Mourn it all over:

You don’t have to bury your feelings deep down and act all tough; instead, we suggest you blurt it all out, to feel everything. Call in sick at work, or at school. Cry… cry and cry if you feel like, whine about it. Don’t prevent yourself to feel the intensity of this break-up, be it anger, sadness, anything. You can turn your place as your personal detox center brimmed with sad romantic melodies followed by some “goooood empowering songs”. After mourning over it, it’s time to pick your ass up and leave your comfort zone.

As the popular quote states, you don’t know how strong you are unless being strong is the only option left. Don’t give yourself any other option other than being the strong woman you are.


Take it as an opportunity to work it all out:

If you’re thinking of working it all out with him, give your mind a good piece of rest. We are talking about working it all out with you, yourself, with the girl that is heartbroken and yet is all strong enough to face this. Channelize all this anger, sadness into something productive. The best way is to “work-out”. Take Zumba sessions and dance on all these peppy melodies or hit the gym and carry the weights while relieving all the past memories.

You can indulge in some hobby class like learning some musical instrument or a cooking class where you can experiment with your cookery skills. You can join the book club or a salsa club; you can do all you want. The whole world is yours and only yours all again, take your steps girl.

A blessing in disguise:

If it’s meant to be, you wouldn’t have had to suffer it all. Bless your soul that is free from all his toxic elements. Though you are not in the position to alter what you had in past but take it as the experience that you gained from your mistakes. Life is the biggest teacher and this is one tough lesson. Pass it out with nothing less than distinction. Who knows, him probably out of his life is nothing but a wonderful stroke of luck? And life awaits something more awesome at the end of the tunnel.

You have got all the “me-time” in the world

Remember how you missed your own time when you stuck along with him throughout. Well after this break-up you have got all the “me time” in the world. It’s high time to think about some of the things you were delaying for so long. Start focusing on your good qualities all over again and add value to it. Go out on a solo trip you waited so long for. Treat yourself with flowers, with spa and all the good things of the world. Your broken heart needs its best friend – your strong soul.

Always remember, the comeback is way stronger than the setback.

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