In India, Red is the color of every wedding. You may find a tinge of it in everything. Starting from the wedding cards which may or may not have the red color but is applied with vermillion before sending it to guests. The color of attire of the bride is red too and so is the color of vermillion-Red, and so are the red roses used for decoration, you can find this color everywhere. This color is considered auspicious and makes its appearance in some way or another. It has been this indispensable part of Indian weddings for so long.

The wedding is considered to be the beginning of a new journey. This is one major change in everyone’s life, be it bride or the groom. The brides have to move from their house and have to stay at her husband’s place with her in-laws. So this color is considered pious to have before the beginning of this new phase of her life. Red is also considered as the color of new beginnings.

Red Color

Weddings in India apart from their rich traditional and cultural practices are famed for the bright hues too. They are associated with them as the inevitable part of an Indian wedding. Not only they make everything more enticing and enchanting but possess religious significance too.

The Top Amongst These is the Color, Red.

Red Color for Profound Emotions on the Wedding:

Colors have their own connotation. Likewise red is the symbol of love and passion. As per the Indian legends, it is also considered the symbolism of rising sun. Also as per the astrologers, Mars is considered the God planet of marriages. It is also red in color and hence everything from Indian wedding cards the outfit of the bride is red-colored.

The Red Color is Religiously Significant Too:

As we mentioned earlier, red is considered auspicious as per Hindu culture. Therefore the wedding attire, the accessories like Bindi, Sindoor is red in color. They are believed to bring fertility and prosperity to their married life. Even the color of the henna is red. So the next time you stumble across Indian wedding cards all embellish with the warmth of red, you know why these choose it.

Big or Little, Red Makes an Appearance in Every Ceremony:

You can see the little or huge appearance of red in every wedding ceremony. Be it in Haldi or mehendi or even in Sangeet, the red color always makes a way into Indian Wedding. In mehendi, you can see all those hands designed with beautiful henna leaving red hue on hand. In Sangeet, there is a tilak ceremony in which red color finds its way directly to the head of the bride and groom. Red in its so many forms makes its appearance in all wedding functions.

Red Wedding Outfit and Red Wedding Accessories

Traditionally the outfit of the bride is suggested to be in red color, though the modern look of brides includes whole color palette. Even the accessories are red, the chooda (bangles) the bride wear s always red in color.

Still confused over choosing the color of your Indian wedding cards? go with the classic red and mark a “stand-out” yet traditional impression.

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