Relationship goals

The rom-coms have ascended our expectations of the “perfect partner”. Well as difficult it is to find your “Prince charming” or the “perfect love story”, who knows you, can lead “your own story” with your ideal partner. Later you can celebrate your togetherness with a stylized wedding. Don’t forget to design an elegant wedding card too for your “D-Day”.Before that, you need to find your ideal partner. Well here is the short checklist of five traits that makes a man your perfect match.

So all you beautiful girls out there, what are we waiting for shall we begin?

Relationship Goals

  1. He sees you as his partner

One of the quintessential traits to consider is his outlook for you. The relationship is a team thing and not about two individuals. He should see you as a perfect partner and not as an add-on to his ego, a validatory acceptance in society. He should look to you like someone, he wants to grow old with and lead every day of his together. He should appreciate your presence in his life and values that. The same goes for you too. He is your man and you should treat him nothing less than special.

  1. Supports all your passions and ambitions

Our beliefs are surely changing but the society is still dominated by patriarchy. In this scenario, if you find a man who believes in your beliefs, he surely needs to be considered for the wedding. If a girl is ardent about her goals, her ambitions in life in any sphere, her man has to respect that and support her for the same. Not only that, during the downfall, he should encourage “his girl” to strive harder to achieve the goals.

  1. Considers his girl when making decisions

Any relationship is between two persons where they are treated equally. Marriage is no different; it’s a lifelong partnership and not dictatorship. If a man shows how much he respects you, how much he values your opinion in every decision, he is an ideal partner. He should make you believe that he wants to create a life with you where your opinion in his decisions, be it small or big, matters. You two prior to this may have taken the decisions on your own, but in the relationship, it’s not “i” and “You”, it’s always we, a single unit.

  1. Respect their family

The society expects a girl to accept the parents of her husband whereas there is no such boundation for a boy. If we say, marriage is not the relationship between two persons, instead, it’s a bonding of two families, and the man should treat the same. If a man respects and treats your family well, he surely will be a great husband to you too. If he doesn’t treat them well or neglect them, it’s high time to probably reconsider the thought. It’s not his family or her family, it’s their family.

  1. He should be Ardent

In a relationship, everything that you do affects him and everything he does somewhere affects you. Choose a partner who is as enthusiastic as you for the life, who is ambitious as you for the goals. You should start this life together and not settle for anything less. The man’s less developed traits May affects you and probably persuade you to step back. Hence if a man is goal oriented, he surely needs to be considered for your ideal partner.

Your partner needs not to be perfect in all spheres. But, if either one of you makes the other feel anything less than it, it is time to reconsider your choice.

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