Indian girls don’t plan up their weddings when it is fixed, they tend to plan it way before that. From choosing the perfect Indian wedding cards for their D-day to choosing the fairy tale locations to the sumptuous menu, everything needs to be perfect. When everything is so planned, why not plan the bridal outfit too? Breaking the norms, plus-size brides are all playful with their bridal outfits now. Unlikely the yesteryears, they have got a whole range of options to choose from.

Here are some tips on choosing the perfect bridal outfit for a plus size bride.

Your Body Type Plays an Important Role

The first and foremost thing is to find out your type of your body shape. Usually, the plus size girls have three main body types which includes

  • Apple shaped, where the top body is heavy
  • Pear-shaped, where the lower body is heavy


  • Hourglass, where the upper and lower is heavy compared to the middle.

Also, in the plus size category, women have a round shaped body too which means their weight is scattered all over. Before shopping for your wedding dress, you need to understand your body type and later need to choose your pick.

Know the Outfit for Your Body Type

For the plus size women with an apple shaped body wherein the top is slightly heavier than the lower, choose a low-cut neckline for your blouses or dresses which have a slightly extensive waistline. For the low-cut neckline, you can choose the classic, U-cut or the V-cut. A-cut dresses are best for the women with the pear-shaped body that should fall free down from their waist. The long blouse is ideal for plus size women with a wide midriff. These are ideal choices because they tend to cover it by drawing attention to that bust line.

Choose Saree over Lehenga

Saree is one good choice for plus size women when it comes to choosing the ideal bridal outfit. You can be all playful when it comes to choosing the blouse patterns that accentuate your body type. Long designer blouses with the heavy patterned or designed neckline form the enticing looks for the bridal outfit. You should also be considerate in choosing the sleeves too. Long patterned sleeves are one ideal option. Crisscross patterned blouse, long cholis give you a quite elegant look as well as accentuate your curves too.

Play with Colors

Usually, the tended or first choice of women is all inclined towards bold hues. Darker colors are chosen ideally because they work wonders when it comes to concealing the bulk. But … but … but, it’s all about how you carry so while for others it’s a bulk, for you it can be a little heavier curve. Get all playful with colors when it comes to choosing the ideal bridal outfit for you, light or dark doesn’t matter as long as you love it. Instead of being all “rainbow” or choosing color contrasted upper and lower, go for single color attire. Single color apparel will eventually make you look slim and a bit taller too.

Be Specific with Fabric Choice

Fabrics also play an important role in making your outfit ideal for you. Go with the fabric that re a bit flowy and not stiff. Satin, georgette, creep, the net is ideal for plus size brides. The fabric like velvet or cotton or silk tends to make you look broad and not curvy.

Embrace all what you have got with the perfect wedding cards with the perfect wedding outfit on your D-Day when it is all about tying the knot with the “perfectly flawed love of your life”.

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