When asked from a parent couple, what’s the most melodious tune they ever heard in their life, they answer it with, “our girl’s giggles”. How beautifully they define the happiness of being the proud parent of a girl child. Daughters are nothing less than the blessings of God. Parents have described this as the blissful experience of their life. How it has transformed a strong man to a father who cries when her little girl holds his hand? How it transforms a woman taking hours to get ready to a mother struggling with the braids of her daughter?

Still wondering why having a girl child is bliss, let’s continue reading this…

Save Girl Child

For living down the pure relation of someone’s first love

A father is said to be the son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Yes, your daughter loves you the most. Do we really need to say that? How many times she has shown you that? Calling you in office in the middle of the tiring day to tell you about her first trophy or reaching you out at the end of the day to tell her about the whole day, and listening to yours, she says it all in these small gestures. How her face just brightens up with your one sight. How your shoulders just become the best thing to cry upon? How your arms become the safest place for her? How her calling you “dad” makes you happy every single time? Your daughter, something so fragile, something so lovable yet someone you probably love the most. With a daughter, you can actually liven up this relationship that is as pure as her smile and as strong as she will be as a woman with a vision. But no matter what, she will always be your little girl and you will always be her first and forever love.

Having a girl child will totally change your perspective for women

Surely your wife has changed it a lot but being a father of a daughter will totally change your outlook towards women. You will finally understand why are they so emotional when she cries over her broken doll and a little tear might come to your eye too. You will finally understand how strong they are when your little girl will be your shoulder to cry upon. You will finally understand how lovable they are when all she talks about is how much she loves you. Having a daughter also changes the perspective of a man towards a woman.

Mommies get their new best friends

Who could be a better friend to a mother than her own daughter? A daughter she can talk to about anything, a daughter with whom she can live all those happy days again. A laughter to share and those hugs to love, a kitchen buddy, a shopping partner, the late night gossip buddies, your daughter can be all those things for you. But above all she understands you better than you, she knows her mother well.

So having a girl child will bless you with life-long friendship with additional waves of laughter and deck of happy tears.

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