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Who doesn’t want to scale up his business and flourish it worldwide? Everyone wants to enhance their business and gain a huge profit out of it. There is actually no limit for scaling the business and the best way to do so is by running advertisements. 

The best to start with is social media networks. Social media channels are the perfect destination to launch an advertising campaign and spread brand awareness. For home contractors, these channels are significant enough to grow sales and increase the fanbase. 

Yes, of course, even home contractors need a dominating fanbase to set up a strong position online. Marketing for home contractors become easier when you choose these advertising platforms to cultivate new customers. 

Let’s talk about those popular social media advertising channels that are worth to invest.

The varieties of social media channels that serve ads are –

Social networking – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
Microblogging – Twitter, Tumblr
Photo sharing – Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat
Video sharing – YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Live, Insta Live, Periscope

5 Popular social media advertising platforms for home contractors

1, Facebook Advertising:

Facebook is running for decades. And the best thing about this platform is people won’t hesitate to create a Facebook profile and scroll their timeline at least once in a day. What we are going to say is, Facebook is a very busy social media network with 2.2 billion users monthly, triggering the marketers to advertise their brands.

Facebook allows marketers to run different social media advertising campaigns on its platform. These include whitepapers, ebooks, contests, product coupons, limited time offers, giveaways, etc. As a home contractor, Facebook is an easy-to-grab social media network for advertising.

Facebook is pretty popular among marketers due to the generation of quality leads. These leads are nurtured to build high conversions. 

Experts are specialized in using the appropriate Facebook advertising technique to bring results in minutes.

2, Instagram Advertising:

The price tag for Facebook advertising might be a bit higher, but cost-effective when you are using Instagram.

Instagram may trigger 500 million users to remain active every month. But if you compare this to the king of social media, Facebook, you will witness Instagram’s engagement rates is 58% higher than the former one.

Instagram is the rising star among social media advertising networks. It is used to advertise promotional content incorporating visual media into the campaigns. Both videos and images are used attractively to run advertisements.

To make advertising campaigns successful on Instagram, you have to ensure certain things. First, you have to take hashtags seriously. You just can’t use any hashtags in your content. Second, you have to stock your content with real images. Third, you have to create irresistible content to build engagement.

3. Twitter Advertising:

Twitter is the next generation social media advertising tool. Though it does not contain huge users like Facebook and Instagram, it has the power to engage the existing 328 million users every month.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is responsible for building organic engagement. This means you don’t need to pay anything to reach your followers. Therefore, when paid ads are run on this platform, the value for your brand enhances the most.

On average, a Twitter ad costs $9-$11 and the campaigns it offers include –

Promoted accounts
Promoted tweets
Promoted trends
Website cards

To build proper user engagement, CTAs play a vital role in Twitter. So, while using a promoted image, engaging content, and impressive headline, don’t forget to add a proper CTA to turn the viewer into a customer.

4. Pinterest Advertising:

Pinterest’s engagement is high but only with 175 monthly users. The platform is exclusively designed to promote brands by sharing high-quality images.

To set up a successful advertising campaign on Pinterest, certain techniques are to be followed.

First, you have to take care of your creativity. Even if you are promoting your home contracting images, they need to be original, creative, and stand out. Second, the images should follow the trend. The colors, the strokes used in the design should be based on the latest graphic design technique. Third, to generate huge pins in succession your images should carry links that connect the images with your brand.

Once you follow and embrace them, you win the advertising campaign.

5. YouTube Advertising:

YouTube is purely made for advertising brands using videos. High-quality videos grab more attention from the audience. They drive more users and excite them to perform any kind of action.

Using YouTube channel, you can share your home building skills, techniques, home maintenance remedies, your achievements, the trending styles you use in your work, and so on.

Over two billion users remain active on YouTube every day. Therefore, generative huge views, making more followers, and subscribers using a YouTube channel is not a difficult job.

The Bottom Line

It’s good to find that you are ready to invest in a social media marketing platform for advertising your brand. Advertising your services for both residential and corporate sectors not just helps you to gain visibility among a large audience. But even maximizes your sales, generates quality leads, builds an exponential growth in the business. 

No other marketing strategy is better than social media advertising. In fact, it is a supplement for any online marketing.

Get in touch with a white label digital marketing agency and take their help to advertise your promotional content that carries your brand image. 

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