Systems Engineer

Changing from Engineer to Project Manager 

Achieving the status of systems engineers should mean a lot to any person who holds that title. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to get to the level of a systems engineer. What comes after, be that as it may? Once in a while, you can transform into a senior systems engineer or a chief engineer, yet there isn’t a great deal to improve from transforming into a systems engineer.

When you become a systems engineer, you stay as a systems engineer until you decide to move on. There are two or three directions you can go from being a systems engineer; you ought to decide how you want the rest of your career to go.

One regular road beyond systems engineering is consultant, where you are fundamentally accomplishing in likewise work yet for a wide scope of companies as their needs arise. Independent consultants make a better than an average amount of money and if you are good at your particular job and know your stuff, it’s believable you will be sought after.

This option generally requires a decent amount of travel, on some occasions up to 75%. Another option to see, which a significant move is, is to transform into a project manager. Most engineers roll their eyes at the chance of dealing with a project manager, significantly less becoming one.


  • Acquired or working toward a degree closely identified with this position (Computer Science, CyberSecurity, etc) 
  • Cognizance of Linux, virtualization, and networking thoughts 
  • Computer science basics like complexity analysis, computational logic, and standard sort/search algorithms. 
  • Strong communication skills to work with both cooperative cross-functional teams of companions and workplaces within the company (product development, operations, networking, etc.)


  • Resolve issues with build, test, and deployment pipelines 
  • Prescribe and execute updates up to the build, test, and deployment structures 
  • Liaise with and help the coordinator in executing deployments to the customer-facing environments
  • Work with individual DevOps partners on other configuration and trouble-shooting tasks as needed

Basic Qualifications 

  • 6 years of related experience or a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience 
  • Shown experience with similar projects that consolidate development and sustainment, or agile development strategy (Scrum). 
  • S/W Language Experience – Required: Java, Oracle/Postgres, Linux (RHEL and additionally CentOS); Desired: Apache Camel, JBoss, Tomcat, Spring, Puppet, Git, JMS, SOAP, REST 
  • Experience with test automation tools and methodology. 
  • DoD Secret clearance or be able to acquire a clearance (====ship is required for a Secret Clearance)

Systems Engineering Manager Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a sales engineer. Past management experience as a plus
  • Demonstrated sales leadership capacity in motivating teams, overachieving targets, and adequately winning tremendous complex deals
  • A close understanding of the pre-sales systems engineering strategy and related sales developments 
  • Solid understanding of wireless and wired networks, including 802.11, 802.1x, firewalls, content filters, routing/switching, SDWAN, etc.
  • Acquainted with IT strategy, design, planning, and execution principles 
  • Magnificent communication capacities, both in presenting to customers and accomplices, yet in also in diminishing complex technical designs to simple language and completely sorting out what and how to communicate over the organization to achieve results
  • Indicated progressive and project management capabilities with the capacity to sort out different assignments with shifting needs and varying deadlines
  • 20% travel required 
  • BA/BS preferred, MBA or MSc degree a plus
  • CCIE or equivalent a plus

Essential Workers: Tending the field 

While it seems like each cybersecurity rock we turn over has another bug underneath it to crunch, put some time in the field moreover. When a field device needs support, are its coordinated efforts all reported? Estimations get repurposed or utilized in advanced controls or neural networks, perhaps. Some get used for pressure and temperature compensation of flows. The systems engineer can more likely than not watch this from the engineering interface, yet it’s not commonly obvious to the operator or look after tech—until the device is pulled for help. Consider how to make these collaborations visible and seek out those that have crawled into the configuration.

Systems Engineer I (Deployment) 

Job Objectives 

Perform regular deployments of 

– SAP transports 

– Application distribution to the branch 

– Customer software rollouts to the desktop

Perform daily detailing of 

– Deployments confirmed by the deployment CAB 

– Deployment status of SAP transports 

– Deployment status of branch deployment

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