With the continuous tech evolution, we have come across several trends of UI designing. Some of them have gained popularity on extensive levels owing to their powerful features easy to implement. Some others have fallen miserably due to the flaws in executions and usability and are replaced by many new trends.

One such new trend in UI designing is flat design 2.0. Likewise its former version of the flat design, it is also programmed to drive the spotlight on content. What makes it better than the former version is that it doesn’t outshine form over the functions, instead bridge down the balance between two.

Here are the features of the flat design 2.0:

  • New Updates in Animation

Website animation is not a new concept, but with flat design 2.0, you can expect some more of it. With the updated animator elements like the one that changes color while hovering or moves with the pages or can be used in banners too. With this updated edition, You can expect some really good websites designed on flat design 2.0. What makes it more popular is that animations are so subtle that they go along with designing instead of getting the way.

Flat Design

This is quite effective in case of online stores where a 360-degree rotation or an animation is compelling. This will give the user to see the product in a more realistic manner.

  • Gradients

Gradients are one of the most powerful upgrades of flat design 2.0. It will help the website designer and developers with a whole space to create within the restrained palette of flat design colors. With the aid of website design and Development Company, business houses can easily create unique designs that provide the users with a whole new experience. They are quite exciting and while relatively simple too.

  • Depth and Shadows

Like the former version, flat design 2.0 still constitutes of drop shadows and raised elements along with sunken buttons which still forms the USP of flat design. What makes it still a part of the newest version? Well, they not only ascend the visual aesthetics but are helpful in drawing the attention of the users and persuading them for some action. It also differentiates the calls to action elements from other elements of on the page. Their appearance not only makes them look good but is quite compelling to drive an action. Their 3-D effect drives the user to engage with an action such as clicking or tapping.

  • The New Addition in Color Palettes

The former version of the flat design was devised with limited colors but new flat design, there is no such thing. Designers have the absolute space to work extensively with the newest version. With more colors, they can play more with artistry and aesthetics, getting all creative. Accompanied by the gradients, it unfolds many possibilities for website designing and development.

It features the impressive balance between the two essential elements of form and function. It is surely going to be a “triumph card” when it comes to web designing.

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