Tracker App Review

Are you looking for the most advanced app for cell phone tracking? We have reviewed here a high-tech cell phone tracker app that enables the end-user to take control of a smartphone without having into possession. It allows the user to control certain features of an android device including a camera and microphone. Read on to know about the cutting-edge features of the android monitoring app.

Cell Phone Tracker App

Do you want to supervise your kid’s usage of the smartphone? You need to track their mobile phone to keep an eye on their digital behavior. The technologists have designed tracking and parental control apps for parents to let them keep tabs on the digital activities of their children. A mobile phone installed with the app can be controlled and operated via an online control panel. The end-user of the app can run the control panel using the internet on any mobile phone or computer.

High-Tech Features of Tracker

The parental control app offers several cutting-edge features enabling parents to remotely supervise digital actions of children. We have discussed here some of the most powerful features of the app that facilitate child monitoring.

Social media & IM monitoring

The app can track the most popular social media apps and instant messengers including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Hangout, IMO, Kik, Tinder, Tumblr and more. You can watch out what messages have been conveyed through these instant messengers by the object. Moreover, you can see posts made on social media platforms.  


Several tracking apps offer location finding. However, the android monitoring solution of TOS also brings geo-fencing. It enables parents to restrict children from visiting forbidden or unsafe areas. The app alerts them if their kids enter the prohibited location.

Screen recording

Whatever your kids do on their phones can be seen and recorded with a secret screen recording feature. The parental control app secretly starts screen recording on receiving the command. It uploads the short recorded video to the web portal from where it can be retrieved anytime.

Call recording

The spy app also offers call recording to track all phone calls made and received by kids. It secretly records all calls and uploads it to the web portal. It also provides access to contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Remote control apps

The parental control and monitoring app allow managing access to mobile apps. If you do not want your kids to use specific apps, you can block or uninstall them from their phones.

Password chaser

Do you want to know the security passcode of your kid’s smartphone? The app lets you know all passwords used by your kids including pattern lock. It records keystrokes of passwords and can also record the lock screen to let you know the passcode to unlock the device.


The cell phone tracking app of TheOneSpy is a trusted and powerful app that enables the user to spy on the digital activities of the target. The high-tech app works in the background without alerting the target or creating any noise or notification on the phone.

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