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A chauffeur, no doubt, makes your daily car journey comfortable. Even during rush hours, he drives you to your place while you sit relaxed on the backseat, reading the newspaper or catching up with friends over a call. The frustration of finding a parking space especially when you are getting late for a meeting or movie won’t bother if you have a chauffeur. He even takes care of dropping kids to school and later picking up back home

Still, the concern about your expensive asset in the hands of someone else doesn’t get less. The well-being of your loved ones especially kids when driven by your chauffeur doesn’t ease the anxiety.  When you hire a driver, you want to ensure certain things like if your car is well handled in your physical absence or not.  Also, if he will drive your family members safely or not. This is when you start looking for a security solution. An advanced car GPS tracking system can give you the relief. 

Let’s see why you need an advanced tracking system for your chauffeur driven car.

Safety of Kids:

Sending kids with the driver saves your time but it could be a risk to have blind faith on your hired chauffeur. The innocent kids might not get who are good or bad for them, but as a parent you must remain conscious to ensure their safety. You never know about other people’s intentions. He might offer lift to strangers or his friends while ferrying your kids.  Therefore, you need to make sure that your kids are driven safely.

Driving at unsafe speed:

With growing cases of road rage and rash driving, you cannot be too sure about your chauffeur’s driving skill. You don’t know if he sensibly drives your asset or not, while being alone or when driving your kids. He might bang your car if he drives beyond safe speed. Hence, the security of your car and lives of loved ones and your driver still haunts your mind every time they are on the road without you. Thus, an advanced car GPS becomes the necessity. 

Taking nap with AC On in stationed car:

It is commonly seen that the chauffeurs turn on the air conditioning of the car and doze off while waiting for their owners. It not only consumes a large amount of fuel but also damages the car internally. So, the frequent fuel and maintenance costs automatically surge, affecting your monthly budget. It is also dangerous for the driver’s safety. The fuel wasting habit of drivers cannot be traced without any tracking system.

Ferrying strangers for personal benefits:

In your physical absence, chauffeurs could misuse your car for personal benefits. He might ferry passengers in your car to make extra money when he drives alone. In parking lot, he might invite his friends inside the car who mishandles the interior facilities. All this happens, when you are away from your car and you have nothing to keep a watch on your driver’s activities.

KENT CamEye to Solve the Worries:

The above-mentioned issues doesn’t mean you should refrain from hiring a chauffeur for your car. But you should always stay alert and aware of his activity at work to ensure the safety of your loved ones and security of the car. We talked about the need of an advanced car GPS tracking system which can help you to overcome these worries. 

You can bring KENT CamEye that offers your complete peace of mind. It’s a next-gen dash cam cum GPS tracker that lets you stay in touch with your car even when you are away. It’s an app-based device so you can track and monitor everything happening inside and outside the car on your smartphone. KENT CamEye offers advanced features powered by artificial intelligence that includes live video streaming, 2-way calling, real-time location tracking, route playback, time-lapse video recording, and geo-fencing. It generates instant alerts for over-speeding, longer engine idling, AC-On in parking, etc. to prevent misuse of the car and to safeguard your family travelling in it. KENT CamEye uses face recognition technology and captures everyone’s image who sits in the car during a trip. So, you can check if a stranger boards your car without your consent.

KENT CamEye offers much more to solve the problems related to chauffeur driven cars. You can take a free demo to know more about this device. Call at +91 9582612345 and book the demo. For additional information, visit KENT CamEye’s website at

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