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So you searched for a website designer but what about other things to set up a prominent digital presence! The only difference between a typical design company and a digital Dubai web agency is of one word; full-service.

Now that you require a new partner to manage directions of the website per the growing demands of the business, this is when many different marketing platforms come into play. Still, determine whether your business needs a web design company, a digital agency or hybrid approach.

Understand that what you have

What you’ve now mightn’t be sufficient or may fulfil all the needs only after a few enhancements! It’s possible your current provider is no longer attentive to ideas, responsiveness and turnaround time. Maybe they’re accustomed to manage certain aspect of the website such as code or design but not marketing or SEO. 

Yet another possibility is having a pool of providers however, each serves a specific niche and not offer a complete solution. All that you have now and expect must be determined to approach in the right way.

Questions & queries to expect

The questions to expect from less experienced or limited service companies include;

  • What you want a website to look like?
  • How many pages and types of forms you need?
  • Are you in need of SEO, Ad-Words or Social?

In short, questions are focused more on deliverables and not much about the brand essence or deeper services of your business. A full-scale service Dubai web agency comes up with just the right bunch of queries that focus on current company position, who you are and where you wish to be. Typical questions may involve (but not limited to);

  • Who are your competitors and how are you different from them?
  • What’s your organisational structure (for both the company and the website)?
  • What are company’s internal digital marketing efforts?

Define your corporate culture

Always define your corporate culture that provides a solution to the following questions;

  • What type of customers, clients and traffic you wish for the website?
  • What’s the reason for this different audience?
  • Description of the audience
  • How the new website and digital marketing efforts would reflect your company and sets you apart from immediate competitors?

The last question would surely allow Dubai web agency to come up with a relevant strategy and clear approach to the client.

The depth of expertise

A typical design company tends to focus on specific area for instance, their design expertise would be exceptional however lack coding skills even below the basics. Another contradicting fact is that a company may be good at complex coding of the apps but below average experience with high-end design and branding. 

A Dubai web agency providing complete digital services is empowered by exceptional creativity, brilliant workmanship, high-end design, branding, and strategic expertise. This is because digital marketing experts have sufficient knowledge of PPC, SEO, social media, email promotion, social media marketing, and remarketing as well as automation.


The aim of this post isn’t to demoralise web design companies but taking a hybrid approach of design and digital critical for long-term success and survival.

This article is written by Rick Johnson who is a tech enthusiast and loves to travel all over the World. Right now he is working as Senior Content editor at Folio3 Shopify agency in the USA

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