Renting A Car Abroad

When you are arriving in a new city, whether it is for business purposes or you are on a vacation trip, having a ready-to-go rental car can save you from a lot of unnecessary hassles.

When you are in another country and don’t have a car, car rental is a great option to explore the city or to show up at the business meeting. There are many reasons behind this including roadside assistance which can save you if your car sees a mechanical failure in the middle of a road. You can choose from a wide variety of cars, from sedan and SUVs to minivans and pickup trucks. Car rental companies offer car rental to tourists at competitive rates due to the great competition.

What you need to research before hiring a car abroad

Ask the car rental company what their policy regarding the minimum age is to rent a car. Many car rental companies don’t let a driver who is under 25 hire a car. Similarly, many companies don’t allow people who are aged under 21 to rent a car. Some companies let young drivers rent cars after paying an additional amount.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to keep all your documents ready when you are renting a car. Many countries will demand an International driver’s license before you can drive a rented car. Every country has different driving laws. Getting an international driver’s license is not difficult or intimidating. These days, it has become simple and easy as things can be done online. While the procedure to obtain the license may differ from country to country, the things you are going to need to include your passport, a small fee, and a filled application.

Discuss the fuel cost with your renter beforehand

Each company has a different policy regarding fuel costs. Some car rental providers will take a flat rate for gas and will have no problem with how much fuel you spend. Having said that, some car rental companies will want you to gas up the car and return a full fuel tank. So, before you leave the parking lot, make sure you have discussed the fuel cost with the car renter.

Don’t forget to discuss the drop-off location as well. When you are renting from a large car rental organization, they will allow you to drop the car at another outlet. However, you are renting from a small business owner, you may not get many options when you are renting from a small business.

Does your car insurer also cover you outside the country

When you are leaving from another country, check with your auto insurer beforehand whether or not you will be insured overseas. Many auto insurers will cover you for collision damage, while some won’t.

Many credit card companies also cover your commercial car insurance. But again, you need to be sure of the fact that you are insured so you don’t end up buying extra insurance.

However, if you are not insured, don’t shy away from buying insurance as getting caught in an accident would be the last thing you’d want abroad.

Don’t Forget to Compare different Car Rentals

Car rental companies offer great deals and discounts for ex-pats which can be availed after opting for tourist car rental. You can look at third-party car rental websites. These allow you to compare car rental prices of similar cars at the same place. Another thing to keep in mind is to look for customer reviews.

Don’t just opt for the service because it is offered for less price. Many car rental companies will offer you a car for less price but will charge you more money for other add-ons such as additional driver fee or the insurance. So, if there is a slight difference between the prices, always go for the company which is more reliable and credible.

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