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You have understood what the issues with your website are, and you have made a list for web developers about what are the things that you want them to fix for their site. But will the web developers fix all of your website related problems quickly? How much time you would have to invest in making them do it. 

If you are an SEO and want your website to reach greater heights, then you must try to create a positive relationship with your website developers. If you develop excellent and productive relationships with them, then they will understand your woes and will get your work done quickly. This blog post highlights the five different ways that can help you form a genuine relationship with the website developers and get them on board with search engine optimization. 

If you want to get the web developers happily work for you and get on board with the SEO, then you need to understand their role, and you must offer help whenever it seemed possible. Providing them with feedback and working along with them is also a great idea. For more information, contact an SEO expert.

Create an authentic relationship

First of all, you need to build a genuine relationship with the website developers and try to understand what they do and how they do that. You must try to understand their role, and what success means for them, how they work to achieve success. You are also required to learn what are the languages that they use for programming. You should trust them and consider their opinion and perspective while working with them. 

It would help you, and your company grows. It would help if you let them know that you need them, and they are contributing a lot to the growth of your website. You can admit you don’t know it when you don’t know anything. You should also not hesitate to ask for help from them. It would help if you made them feel worthy and value them. You can ask them for suggestions and don’t ignore their opinions. For example, you can ask them can you please suggest me how to implement this change. If you humbly express your demands, they would appreciate you and would love to work with you. Lastly, you should not also behave like an intruder and tell them how they can do their work. They know how to do their job; your intrusion will annoy them. 

Learn from them

There is so much in this world that you can learn from others. If you want to be a better SEO and want to learn more about SEO, then there is much that you can learn from website developers. Professional web developers have been creating websites for others from the past many years. They would have much knowledge about the client’s needs and demands.  And if you let them know that you are interested in learning from them, then they will feel like they are worthy and would be happy to help you. You should let them know that they can learn from you if they want to and you want to learn from them as well. It would help if you allow the web developers to know how well versed are they at coding, and you should also tell them how your work and effort can be more powerful. You must form a healthy relationship and be willing to learn from the website developers. 

Become a champion

Another thing that can help you form a better relationship with the web developers is that you must be aware of the work they are doing. It would be best if you found out what they want to achieve or accomplish. And even if you have little knowledge about that work you can contribute. 

Create a workflow

If you want to get your builder on board with SEO is that you must create a workflow and keep checking on web developers to understand what they are doing. It would be best if you kept watching them when they are making changes that can affect SEO. But attentively observing them when they are working on large websites can be quite tricky and you may face difficulty in controlling the modifications. 

But you can talk with your team of developers and ask them to add you on GitHub so that you keep watching the modifications and do the preventative SEO. 

Be thankful to them

You must let the builders know about your SEO wins and thank them for their contributions. You can tell them that I’m fortunate to have you in my team, and thanks for providing me with the best solutions. If you keep thanking them now and then for their contributions, then your relationship with the developers will become stronger. 

Ask for assessment

Last and most important, you can ask them to review your work and can ask them to suggest what you are lacking. What else they think should be included in your site. You need to be honest and ask the builders how you can support them and be better. 

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